RULE III : Recruitment and Placement

SECTION 1. Private recruitment. — No person or entity shall engage in the recruitment and placement of workers either for local or overseas employment except the following:

(a) Public employment offices;

(b) Overseas Employment Development Board;

(c) National Seamen Board;

(d) Private recruitment offices;

(e) Private employment agencies;

(f) Shipping or manning agents or representatives; and

(g) Such other persons or entities as may be authorized by the Secretary.

SECTION 2. Ban on direct hiring. — No employer may hire a Filipino worker for overseas employment except through the person or entities enumerated in the preceding section or as authorized by the law or by the Secretary. Direct hiring by members of the diplomatic service, officials and employees of international organizations and such other employers as may be authorized by the Secretary is exempted from this provision. Such hirings shall be processed by the Overseas Employment Development Board.